Yamaha Cross Hub pickup – with unusual interior layout

Japanese company Yamaha specializes in motorcycles, boat motors and musical instruments. And if earlier it was associated with some kind of automobile projects, then it usually was about sports cars. So it is more surprising that the car was brought to the car dealership in Tokyo, not a sports car, but a pick-up truck!
Yamaha Cross Hub – the car is quite small by the standards of the class: in length it has only 4.5 meters. In terms of proportions, the concept looks like some kind of ATV, the hood is very short, the cabin is minimally shifted forward, and the rear wall of the cab is convex. But the main thing is that the passenger compartment is very unusual and has four seats. 

The driver’s seat is centered. Two passengers sit on each side and slightly behind the driver, as if in the legendary supercar McLaren F1. A third passenger can sit directly behind the driver. The developers themselves call this scheme of arrangement of diamond, according to the arrangement of seats in the plan.
This arrangement allowed to round the corners of the rear of the cabin, so a cross bike can stand on the cargo area, resting against the front wheel in the corner of the body. Of course, the Cross Hub Concept is not a workhorse, but a car for entertainment, so the floor of the cargo bay is covered with wooden decking, like a yacht deck.
Anyway, in the series, we will hardly see such a pickup: Yamaha is not yet rushing into the car business. But to give your designers a space for creativity is a good thing, no matter how hard you look.