Why do men constantly think about sex?

There is an opinion that representatives of the stronger sex spend most of the day thinking about sexual pleasures. This great mystery of mankind is being tried by scientists all over the world, because sex is an important aspect in our life.
According to some sources, men think about this every 7 seconds. But these sources blatantly lie, because if this were true, they would have long gone mad in the truest sense of the word. The Center for the Study of Sex and Propagation Problems (Kinsey Institute) conducted a study on this topic. It turned out that “54% of men think about sex several times a day.” And only 19% of women do the same.
Why do these thoughts distract men from their daily activities? Most likely, the culprit is the evolution of mankind. After all, seminal fluid is present in the body of a man constantly, he is always ready to create offspring. A man is programmed to inseminate, so that the human race has a chance to continue to exist.
In addition, the male part of the brain, responsible for emotions, thoughts about sexual fun, the frequency of heart contractions, is much greater than the female. Surprisingly, this one is so, despite the fact that it is not the men who are more emotional … Testosterone plays an important role. A man becomes very attentive to objects related to the satisfaction of sexual desires.
And this is not bad at all. Sexual fantasies occupy an important place in human life. Repeated scrolling in the head of any plot helps to better prepare for them, to avoid difficulties in performing certain actions. Thanks to their sexual imagination, men can relax and feel calmer directly during intercourse. This is a kind of preparation or training before an important event. And in this way they are very good at getting rid of boredom and tension.
But there are also disadvantages. Scientists have found that the more testosterone is contained in the body of a man, the more often they make absurd and unprofitable decisions in the financial plan. In addition, those who too often draw in their imagination various pictures of a pornographic nature, are prone to violence. Here the main thing is not to overdo it.
The fact that men often think about such naughty moments, does not make them debauchery or bad people. So mother nature has disposed of, and it is useless to argue with her.