Vegetarians Cabbage cutlets for everyone!

Vegetable cutlets are a spicy seasonal dish, the cooking process of which is very simple. Now attention to the hostess would like to offer a recipe useful and at the same time a simple meal. Those who keep fasting, such cutlets can become a real find. Lenten cabbage cutlets like those women who follow their own figure and sit on diets. Cutlets from vegetables, served on the table as a main dish, it is recommended to water or sour cream, or mushroom sauce, or mayonnaise.

time preparation:30 min.                       INGREDIENTS
cabbage……… 1 pc.              onion……….1 pc.
carrot………..1 pc.                 vegetable oil..2 p.s.
flour…………100 g.               water……….200 ml.

1. The onions, carrots and potatoes must be rubbed on a large grater. If we talk about cabbage, then it will need to be sorted, remove dried top leaves, and also rinse well with water. The bobbin is cut in half and finely chopped. The rest of the cabbage is finely chopped into thin strips. Vegetables are mixed in a large frying pan or in a cast-iron pot for extinguishing. There, water is added, and vegetables are stewed for 15 minutes. After this, it is recommended to wring out and merge the remaining vegetable juice, add a little flour and mix. It should be avoided lumps. It is necessary to add flour to such quantity that from cabbage forcemeat it was possible to mold chops easily.
2. Prepared vegetable dough will need to be crushed even more with a wooden spatula. In order to start forming ovoid cutlets, minced cabbage must be completely cooled. After that you can start to fry each cutlet. If there is a desire, then you can dip cutlets in breadcrumbs. Cutlets should be well roasted. This will take approximately 20 minutes.
3. At the same time, in the process of frying vegetable cutlets, it is not recommended to use a lot of vegetable oil, because cutlets are able to quickly absorb fat and become very soft. And this, in turn, can make it difficult to remove and turn over.