Useful plants.

Home plants are kind of helpers in the fight against many diseases. Most plants have the ability to absorb an unfavorable gas, thereby purifying the air. Also, plants can suppress harmful bacteria contained in oxygen. Indoor plants contribute to a favorable emotional state and a calmer environment.
So, a list of some useful plants: 

• Plant chlorophytum. This assistant is unpretentious in the care, and will approach households who do not have experience in plant maintenance. Chlorophytum perfectly cleans the air of harmful bacteria and contaminants. Also this plant is able to moisturize oxygen. It struggles with allergies, frequent colds, lung diseases. Excellent for people living near roads and industrial enterprises;
• Aloe is a fighter with a cold, headaches, stomach problems. It also helps to tighten the wounds and helps with burns. The juices contained in the shoots have many properties. They are dominated by a huge content of useful vitamins and substances. The list of useful properties includes increased appetite, treatment of exhaustion. This unique plant has wide application in cosmetic and medicament preparations;

• The begonia plant has medicinal qualities. The phytoncides that stand out from this flower purify the air, thereby killing the harmful viruses of staphylococcus aureus. Increases immunity, relieves fatigue, increases mental capacity. Great for an apartment and work. Also begonia has the ability to fight alcoholism.
• Violet plants compete well with arterial pressure, is used as an anesthetic and sedative. Also able to cope with cough and pneumonia. Decoctions from these plants are used to enhance immunity. Violet flowers have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities. Suitable for children’s rooms.