Updated Lexus LX 570 and GS 200t at the Elegance Competition

The location for the debut of the two updated Lexuses was clearly chosen for a reason: having shown cars at the Pebble Beach car elegance competition, the Japanese apparently hoped to convince the most sophisticated audience that restyling added grace to the LX 570 and the GS series sedan. Do you think this was successful?

LX changed almost completely, only the door panels remained intact. With the new headlights, grille, bumpers and tail lights, the relationship between the Lexus and the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is no longer so obvious. And it is especially important that the interior got rid of the old-fashioned silvered plastic, large Toyota buttons and a bulky transmission lever. Now the LX inside looks almost like modern lightweight Lexus cars: a three-spoke steering wheel, a 12-inch multimedia display, a “sports” arm, a “Remote Touch” mouse and even a rotary selector of the Drive Mode Select system, which allows the driver to select the modes of operation of the power unit and electronically controlled suspension. 

The engine itself has not changed, in America, the LX 570 is sold with a “G8” of 5.7 power 387 hp, but in the version for Eurpe and Asia this motor develops only 367 hp. And the most important technical innovation is the change of the six-speed automatic to the eight-step. His Lexus gets earlier than the Land Cruiser, but only because the premiere of Toyota will take place a little later.
In addition, the LX now has a 360-degree view system and two larger monitors for second-row passengers plus heated and ventilated rear seats. And the extended Lexus Safety System + system is included in standard equipment and combines tracking systems for marking, collision warnings, pedestrian collision avoidance and many other more familiar functions. 

Sedans of the GS series are not so radically redrawn: they now have a cut of eyes and bumpers like the IS model, a tapered rear optics and a new steering wheel. But as the base version in America, from now on is offered a rear-wheel-drive GS 200t with a two-liter turbo-quater of 245 hp. and a new eight-step “automatic”. Logically, this version should be replaced and sold in Russia, the current GS 250 with an atmospheric engine V6 2.5 (209 hp), but detailed plans to bring the updated Lexus on our market has not yet been announced.
Eight-speed “automatic” is now installed on the GS 350, which became slightly more powerful: the V6 3.5 in the American specification develops not 310, but 315 hp. However, even now, this motor is developing 317 hp on the pre-styling Russian versions. 

Lexus Safety System + also appeared on all models of the GS line, and besides it there is an online support system for owners through the mobile application, an enhanced multimedia display, new finishing materials and analog clock that are taught to adjust the time to the geographical zone by the GPS sensor signal.