Topiary Garden.

Topiary are those gardens in which plants are deliberately given a form that is not characteristic of them, usually in nature. As a rule, these are geometric figures, animals and even people.
For this use special types of trees and shrubs, which without any problems bear the haircut and such treatment in general, for example yew, boxwood, juniper, hornbeam, thuja, linden, beech, olive, barber, barberry.The figured cutting of plants allows you to create real works of art, makes the garden more interesting. Topiary art originated in the territory of ancient Rome. After the Roman Empire fell into decay, the art of cutting trees and shrubs became less popular.
Fashion on the topiary gardens returned to the Renaissance. Then this art came to Europe, and it was already difficult to meet a garden in which there was not built a cozy corner, a gazebo and long alleys with unusual figured plants. During this period, unique Tuscan and Versailles gardens were created, which are still masterpieces of topiary art.If you want to create a real topiary garden on your site, you need to remember that this task is not easy and very time-consuming.
To create animals or people, a special framework is used. If you want to create geometric figures from flowering shrubs, it is better to wait until the end of the period of their flowering.
It is important to remember that plants and shrubs intended for shearing can not be sheared immediately after planting, even if they are large enough. The first year in general, you should not touch the plant so that it does not disappear.
Some believe that the topiary framework interferes with the creation of figures and destroys the plant. In order not to harm the bushes or trees, the metal frame must be installed according to all rules, then there will be no harm from its contact with the plant.
If some of the figures you do not have enough greenery, you can fix it by decorating the gaps with LED lights, thereby creating a unique effect, and also to illuminate your garden at night.
It should also be remembered that in small areas it is better not to plant a lot of shrubs for a haircut, because enough to create beautiful and pleasant eye compositions and a few trees.