The second generation Nissan Titan pickup truck has a light version.

Following the “heavy” pickup Nissan Titan XD carrying capacity of 950 kg in the North American market comes a half-ton version. This type of truck is the most in demand in the States, and Nissan has finally worked on marketing mistakes.
Recall Titan of the previous generation was sold only with one engine and did not have a version with a single-cabin. Now the assortment is wider: new pick-ups will be available with three cab variants (single Single, King and two-row Crew) and three variants of the length of the cargo platform: 1676, 1981 and 2438 mm. Add here the choice between the rear or all-wheel drive and five different trim levels – and get a completely decent palette, even for a pampered American market. 

In addition, the range of “heavy” modifications of the Titan XD is also expanding: to the version with the Cummins ISV 5.0 turbodiesel (314 hp, 750 Nm) and the six-speed “automatic” Aisin, the variant with the gas “eight” Endurance 5.6 (395 hp ., 544 Nm) paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The same power unit will be the base for the titanium halftone, and a little later there will be an even more “budget” petrol V6 engine.
Interestingly, the chassis of the “light” pick-ups is brand new and, as the Nissan drivers say, does not have any common parts with the XD series – even the other mounting bolts. However, the cabin difference is minimal, and the overall width is the same one in one. 

Halftone Titans will be produced together by “heavy” cousins ​​at a factory in Canton, Mississippi. At American dealers, cars will appear in the summer. The prices are still unknown, but, undoubtedly, they should stay on par with the rival pick-ups Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Ram and Toyota Tundra, equipped with V8 engines – that is approximately 28-30 thousand dollars. For comparison: Nissan Titan XD does not buy cheaper than 41 thousand dollars.