The future is not far off: Cummins introduced the electric truck

It seems that the number of truck manufacturers in the US will soon increase. So, the famous creator of diesel engines Cummins introduced a fully electric tractor, which should go into mass production as early as 2019.
The new tractor was named Urban Hauler EV. He looks, of course, weird. If you look at the front, the truck looks like a Formula 1 car because of the narrow cowl and widely spaced wings. It seems that behind the fairing on the cab lies a massive sleeping bag, but when seen from the side it turns out that it is not. And the cabin itself is small.
But the technical stuffing is very interesting. It is known that the tractor is equipped with batteries with a total capacity of 140 kWh. The rear axle is driven by motor wheels. According to the developers, this power-to-weight ratio allows the tractor with its own weight of 8.16 tons to transport a 22-ton trailer for a distance of up to 100 miles (about 160 km). The indicated charging time is one hour, and by the beginning of mass production it can be reduced to twenty minutes.

It is also reported that in future Cummins plans to produce not only purely electric trucks, but hybrids for which the new X-series diesel will be used. A tractor with such a power plant will be able to overcome 300 miles at a time (about 480 km), with This guarantees a 50 percent saving in fuel relative to a conventional diesel tractor of the same class. And in the future plans of the company – the construction of trucks of different classes, as well as buses.