The electric future of BMW Concept Link is presented

The concept compartment of the eighth series was not the only BMW premiere at the elegance competition Villa d’Este. The company he made an electric scooter BMW Concept Link, created based on last year’s show bike Vision Next 100 and designed to show the development of individual transport for the city.

Based on the specifics of the competition, the main emphasis is on the unusual design of the scooter, but it is still subject to functionality. For example, an unusually long wheelbase is due to the fact that a traction battery is installed in the lower part of the aluminum casing. The electric motor is located directly in front of the rear wheel and drives it through the reduction gear using a toothed belt. And the space between the battery and an unusual seat is given under the box for things: its lid is located on the starboard side and is shifted with the help of a servo, and it needs to be activated with a gesture. 

Thanks to the layout, Concept Link has a low center of gravity and must have good handling and stability, and to compensate for the long base and improve maneuverability, it has a reverse. Although in the case of an electric motor, it is easy to implement.
There are no usual devices, instead they are equipped with a compact projector that displays on the windshield speed, navigator tips and battery charge. All the rest of the information is displayed on a large touchscreen display of the media system, which is located under the steering wheel: you can lay a route, listen to music and go online. Instead of the usual buttons and switches, touch panels.     

Like last year’s BMW Vision Next 100 motorcycle, the current Concept Link does not pretend to be a serial model. But obviously will share solutions with future scooters.