Spathiphyllum-flower of female happiness

Spathiphyllum is a perennial plant native to the humid tropical forests of Central and South America.
In the people, some varieties of spathiphyllum are called the flag bearer, and almost all these plants affectionately call “flower female happiness,” a comparison of the “veil” (the leaf that surrounds the cob-inflorescence) with the female palm. It is believed that spathiphyllum is best given to a young woman, whom he will surely bring good luck – an unmarried woman will help her to find her love, and the one who does not have children to become pregnant.
It is believed that spathiphyllum, received as a gift, brings grace in the personal sphere and long-awaited female happiness. Happiness in the house comes in the flowering period, so it is necessary to take care of the flower with love! Since ancient times, the girls believed and hoped that this plant Spathiphyllum would bring them luck and long-awaited female happiness. To give this flower it is possible and it is necessary only to girls or women whom you want to wish the big happiness, and men can hint to you about the feelings. It can also be presented in a single copy, although Spathiphyllum looks great in the composition of the composition.
Spathiphyllum perfectly fits the usual room temperature. At higher temperatures, it must be ensured that the earth compass does not dry out, and the humidity is increased. It will be great to feel under the rays of the winter sun, in the summer time, direct rays should be avoided.
The plant needs high humidity. You need daily spraying. As an option, you can put the plant on a pallet with expanded clay, filled with water. During the whole year, make sure that the ground is always slightly moist. However, do not allow water to stagnate in the pan for more than an hour or two.
Feeding and transplantation
Feed in spring and summer, during the most active growth, feeding is necessary every two weeks. The rest of the time, fertilize spathiphyllum once a month, using half of the usual portion.
Transplant spathiphyllum every spring. This plant likes it when it is a bit cramped in the pot. A necessary condition is good drainage. During the transplantation, be especially careful not to damage the roots. Propagation by division and seeds.