Restyling Bentley Mulsanne got an extended version.

New wings, a bonnet, extended bumpers and LED lights – all these new Bentley Mulsanne sedan innovations fade against the backdrop of the monumental grille. It became 80 mm wider, got the lower section and massive steel rods, behind which the previous “grid” is visible. Mulsanne is now more solid and similar … to Rolls-Royce cars. But in the nineties, when both British brands belonged to the company Vickers, from models Bentley gradually disappeared similar lattices with vertical rods to give cars a more sporting image. However, now Roll s – Royce and Bentley are sworn competitors, and in the war, as is known, all means are good. 

The interior during restyling has not changed much – it is not easy to recognize slightly different seats and the door paneling. But there is a sign metamorphosis. Before, the eight-inch screen of the multimedia system shyly hid under the hinged lid, and now is demonstratively exposed. Resistance is useless, and Mulsanne is no longer embarrassed by advanced technology, and another confirmation of this is a pair of removable Android tablets for rear passengers that are offered for a surcharge and are installed in regular places on the back of the front seats. In addition to the options appeared control systems for blind areas and collision warnings. 

There are few technical updates: only the modified suspension settings and slightly improved noise insulation, and the engine supports are now active: their rigidity varies depending on the driving mode. The motor itself is the same: it is a biturbo timer with the canonical volume of 6.75 liters, which on the basic version develops 512 hp, and on the “certified” modification of the Speed ​​- 537 hp.
But simultaneously with restyling in the family appeared an extended version. The wheelbase and length are increased by 250 mm: the Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase sedan became the longest car of the company – 5825 mm from the nose to the tail. But it’s still 17mm shorter than the standard Rolls-Royce Phantom.

As expected, the entire increase is in the area of ​​the legs of the rear passengers, but the designers of the company approached the “stretched” version creatively: the rear doors are made more relief – the edge of the window line is “torn” in the area of ​​the handles of the rear doors. Already in the initial configuration, this Mulsanne has separate rear seats with sliding footrests, a sliding hatch over the rear passengers and curtains on the windows of the rear doors, and for a surcharge – folding tables.
Unlike the Continental / Flying Spur family , Mulsanne sedans are fully assembled in England – at a historic factory in Crewe. The cycle of production of one machine takes 400 man-hours, although the actual time is much less, because several people work on the car simultaneously.