Regional Volvo VNR: short-legged

Most recently, we talked about the new regional tractor International RH. It seems that in the overseas market there has been a tendency to “dilute” the series for the intended purpose. So, the American branch of Volvo Trucks immediately introduced a similar Volvo VNR. The last letter in the index just stands for Regional – for local traffic.
The VNR range consists of three models, differing in the availability and length of the sleeping compartment: the “short” VNR 300, the VNR 400 with the small sleeping bag and the “older” VNR 640 (the numbers indicate the length from the front bumper to the end of the sleeping bag in centimeters). The main external difference from older brothers is a shortened sloped bonnet. This is done to reduce the base and turning radius: the wheels are now turning to a larger angle. In addition, for the first time in heavy class tractors in the United States, the wheel formula is not 6×4, but 6×2, with a lifting bridge. Available and bi axial versions. 

The technical stuffing is standard: two own “global” engines, D11 (from 325 hp) and D13 (up to 500 hp) are offered for selection. And given the “semi-urban” appointment, already “in the base” the company’s robotic I-Shift box.
In the cabins – a redesigned interior with a 12-cm LCD display. And under the driver’s seat is now located an additional refrigerator. There are three options for finishing: Fleet, Express and Premier. 

Traditionally, Volvo remains the leader in driver safety issues. Of course, the new cabin has successfully passed the crash test, which at one time the Swedes were the first to apply for trucks. In addition, only the Volvo trucks in the US driver’s airbag is standard.