New Truck “Nikola One”: Electrohydrogen future?

The standard among passenger electric vehicles is Tesla. And among the freight? Until now, truck manufacturers have not made much progress in creating electric versions: the claimed power reserve of the Mercedes concept car shown at the last IAA exhibition is 250 km, and the MAN truck is from 50 to 150 km altogether. What here long-distance fight.

But this time everything should be different: the creators of the American truck Nikola gave one promise,that their model is capable of driving on one charge from 800 to 1200 miles, that is, from about 1,300 to 1,900 kilometers. Is it possible?
The truck was named after the same Nikola Tesla and positioning itself as a manufacturer of premium electric vehicles. Actually, there are only two real models so far: the small buggy Nicola Zero and the truck Nicola One. Another truck, Nicola Two (without a sleeping compartment), while exists only in sketches.
Nicola One is arranged in a nutshell as follows: behind the cabin is a battery of hydrogen cylinders and an electrochemical generator, that is, fuel cells. The generator, powered by hydrogen, generates electricity: it is stored in high-voltage batteries with a capacity of 320 kWh. Well, they feed two electric motors, which in total develop 1000 hp. and 2300 Nm. The consumption of hydrogen with full load – 15-20 mpg (miles per gallon), that is 12-16 l / 100 km. 

  • 1 – radiator cooling system with powerful fans 2 – unit with two electric motors for steering and two gearboxes 3 – high-voltage electronics 4 – lithium-ion batteries of 320 kWh 5 – cooling batteries and receivers 6 – fuel cells 7 – hydrogen 8 – traction motors and independent suspension 9 – aluminum saddle coupling


Where does hydrogen come from? Nicola Motor is going to open 364 gas stations throughout the United States, and it is planned that the first million miles of trucks will be refueled for free.
Such charity is explained by the fact that the company wants to create solar farms with a total capacity of 100 MW to produce hydrogen by electrolysis.
And finally, how much does such a truk cost?,it is suggested to levy for 72 months for five to seven thousand dollars a month. Again, with free hydrogen fuel, and after a seven-year period, the client will be provided with a new tractor under the same conditions.
However, it is still unknown even where the plant will be built for the production of Nicola: its location is planned to be determined in the first half of 2017. A year later, in 2018, the construction of hydrogen filling stations should begin. Will it succeed?