New Honda Civic Sedan: One and only

A month after the first presentation of the new Civic laid out all the cards on the table – now we can view the car in more detail. And here is the first sensation: the new sedan waved to the size of the “European” Accord of the year before last of the 2002 model. Moreover – the creators themselves oppose the new Civic “treshke” BMW, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-class: in exactly the same way they positioned the same Accord thirteen years ago!
The length of the new sedan is 4630 mm, 73 mm more than the previous Civic. The width increased by 45 mm – up to 1798 mm. And only the height has decreased by 20 mm (1415 mm), although the seats are also lower, so there should not be a deficit of space above the head. The wheelbase has grown by 30 mm (up to 2700 mm), the distance between the rows is increased by 50 mm, and the trunk has added in volume by 20% – to 428 liters according to the American EPA technique. 

American customers will initially be offered two modifications. The old single-shaft engine 1.8 goes down in history, instead of it – two-shaft atmospherics in volume of 2,0 l (158 hp, 187 Nanometers) from a crossover CR-V. Stupenkoy above is the new engine 1.5 of the family of Earth Dreams with turbocharger Mitsubishi and direct injection, its output – 174 hp. and 220 Nm. Both motors are combined with a variator, and a two-liter version can be with a six-speed “mechanics”.
“Tenth” Civic is created on a new modular platform, which later will form the basis of the new generation CR-V crossover and a number of other models. The rear multi-lever system, fortunately, has been preserved, and now it is mounted on a powerful stretcher, which adds rigidity to the whole structure (the body itself has become tougher by a quarter). 

The steering mechanism – with an electric booster mounted on the rail and variable gear ratio: from the stop to the stop, the steering wheel does just 2.2 turns instead of 3.1 for the old car. There was an electronic system simulating the work of a self-locking differential using standard brake mechanisms. And all this is already in the base version. And the “pinned” version of Touring also features a stiffer suspension with thicker anti-roll bars. Honda promise that the new Civic will be more driver than the car of the outgoing generation!
Production base for the sedan and the future coupe will remain the North American factories of Honda – production in the US and Canada will start until the end of autumn. The hatchback will appear next year, and it will cease to be a purely European product: British cars will begin to ship in the US – Honda has already invested 200 million pounds in reconfiguring the plant in Swindon. Preparing and “hot” hatchback Civic Type R: it is likely to save the power unit of the current car, which is only a year old. It is unclear so far only the fate of the station wagon Civic Tourer: this version of the car of the current generation is produced a year and a half and, apparently, will remain on the conveyor for a while.