Mitsubishi e-Evolution!Future Evik under a new stronger slogan

After joining the alliance Renault-Nissan, Mitsubishi began to raise its head. Recently, a recovery plan for the next three years is presented , and in Tokyo the firm promulgated a new slogan: Drive your ambition, “follow your ambitions.” They at Mitsubishi considerable: in the near future sales should grow on third, in a model number nine novelties are expected, and the symbol of revival becomes new Evolution. True, it is not a traditional sedan with a turbo engine and a complex transmission, but a car more suited to the spirit of the time is an electric crossover. 

At the Tokyo Motor Show debuted the first concept of the future Evika called Mitsubishi e-Evolution. The car with an unusual silhouette and a four-door body is equipped with three electric motors. One leads the front wheels, and the other two are mounted on the rear axle and control the thrust vector: this system is called AYC (Active Yaw Control) in honor of the sophisticated electronically controlled mechanical differentials of the former Ewick.
Alas, the company does not specify the return of engines. As well as the capacity of the traction battery installed under the floor. But in Mitsubishi have specified that the crossover has an electric drive of brake mechanisms instead of hydraulic, and for cooling of forward disks in a bumper air intakes are provided.
In the cabin – all in the latest fashion: helm, virtual instruments and sensors. And under the windshield is a three-section display, on which you can display a navigation map, an image from the cameras or a list of contacts. But there is also an unusual function: on the extreme sections one can call the image of the front wheels, superimposed on the picture from the cameras, in order to track their position and trajectory in real time. Although in fact it is more like pampering.

Fortunately, the driver’s e-Evolution did not become a drones, but he still has artificial intelligence. Electronics assesses the traffic situation, correlates it with the actions of the driver and gives him unobtrusive tips, creating an individual training program. Are you yet ready for this future? Time for addiction and comprehension is still there: the serial Evo-crossover on electric traction should appear for six years.