Metamorphosis: how old Scania turned into an “American”

Questions for back filling: in which country is this tractor and what brand is it? This is probably some “American”, only strongly tuned? Not guessed right!
Connoisseurs, having looked at the tubes of centralized swap and the characteristic wheel caps, will determine that the car is from Brazil.
And as for the brand … In the last issue of the column, the story of the veteran Scania-Vabis in 1965 was described in detail, which is “registered” in St. Petersburg. So, before you – a later colleague, only remade beyond recognition.
This handsome man was born thanks to the dream of the Brazilian Osvaldo Morini. His dad was a trucker, so that love for trucks Osvaldo stores since childhood. In his car repair shop, he repaired first the cars, then the trucks – and finally thought about building a dream tractor.

And since there are no such “Americans” in Brazil (this is even America, but the South), the old Scania LS111 of 1977 was taken as a basis: they were produced by the local branch of Scania and are still found on Brazilian roads. The car was found on the outskirts of Sao Paulo and was bought for just a penny: the units – engine, box and bridges – were in working order, but the cabin rotted, and the whole remained only the hood.
So the cabin with the “mega bedroom” here is glued out of fiberglass, and in addition to it, plastic wings, bumpers and fairings of the chassis, vertical exhaust pipes (not made of gas) are made, a lot of shiny parts and as many as 15 headlights. The look turned out, though in the American style, but too exaggerated: one giant sun visor is worth it! On the cabin – airbrushing with horses and Aparecida (known in Brazil, the statue of Our Lady in the temple of the same name). 

Inside – an orange panel, plush upholstery, 162 LED lights … Not everyone could work in such an interior! However, in regular flights the tractor does not go, but on it the owner and his family go on vacation. Judging by the inscription WC on the door in the back of the sleeping bag, there is even a toilet.
It remains to add that the transformation of an ordinary truck into a “kolkhoz tuning king” lasted three years and cost 130 thousand reais (this is about 2.5 million rubles).