Mercedes CLA sedan and station wagon have been updated according to the PROTOCOL.

The planned restyling of the Mercedes CLA was uneventful: the sedan and station wagon underwent the same changes that the A-class hatchback experienced in the summer . And a part of the innovations was introduced at the same time on the CLA: the adaptive suspension and the Dynamic Select system appeared in the list of options (it changes the modes of the engine, gearbox, power steering, adaptive suspension and climate control), and on the “hot” Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 began to install the forced to 381 hp. turbo motor. What has changed now?
Existing engines are the same: “civil” versions are equipped with gasoline turbo engines 1.6 and 2.0, as well as diesels 1.5 and 2.1. But in the scale there was an “intermediate” modification of the CLA 220 4Matic: the two-liter motor was deformed from 211 hp. (on the CLA 250 version) to 184, and the “robot” 7G-DCT and all-wheel drive are already installed “in the database.”

Outside, it’s difficult to identify restyling cars: new strokes on bumpers, slightly different “patterns” in headlights and tail lights, modified nozzles on exhaust pipes … The radiator grill now has a “planetary” ornament in the base, although most of the cars were ordered before with such a “grill”. With the AMG version a bit easier: between the air intakes on the edges of the bumper appeared a characteristic black jumper. But the CLA for the first time has adaptive rear lights: the brightness of the stop lamps and turn signals varies depending on the light in the street, and at night the mode of operation also depends on whether the car is moving or standing.
In the salon, like the A-class, only new decoration materials, decor and steering wheel, and for a surcharge now offers enhanced ambient lighting with the choice of twelve colors. Among the new options in common with the A-class are LED lights and an multimedia system with an eight-inch screen and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but CLA has unique new ones. This is the trunk unlocking function under the bumper, and at the station wagon – also the electric drive of the fifth door.

At European dealers, the updated Mercedes CLA will appear in July, although the acceptance of orders will begin in a couple of weeks. Before Russia, cars will reach the end of summer. It is interesting that we Mercedes have decided to sell CLA Shooting Brake station wagons – and such cars did not become a single exclusive! Last year sold 122 five-doors, although the sedan in Russia, of course, is much more popular – 2,142 copies.