Keanu Reeves presented three new motorcycles Arch

Many people have heard of star actor Keanu Reeves, but far from everyone knows about his passion for motorcycles. In 2007, Keanu turned to moto guru Gard Hollinger, owner of the Californian workshop Chop Rods, asking him to modify his new Harley-Davidson. The work took four years, but the act liked the actor so much that he offered the master to make such machines for sale, – the new company called the companions Arch Motorcycle.

The first Arch KRGT-1 motorcycles became available for individual orders in 2015 at a price of at least $ 78,000. Such an immodest request was due to the giant two-liter S & S engine, carbon wheels, the widest application in the aluminum design, manual assembly and, last but not least, the high-sounding names behind the freshly baked brand.

Cases of the company, apparently, are going well, and on the passing through these days in Milan motor show EICMA, she brought three new motorcycles at once. The first one is still called Arch KRGT-1: in fact, it is a significantly modified machine with improved ergonomics, reinforced brakes and ABS. The latter is necessary to comply with European laws: the company Arch Motorcycle has found a dealer who will promote its products in the Old World. 

Motorcycle Arch 1s is also the evolution of the first model and is distinguished by a more aggressive fit, a monomaniacal of the rear suspension and more carbon fiber. And the third model Arch Method 143 is claimed as a concept motorcycle. The index speaks about the increased volume of the engine: 143 cubic inches or 2343 cm³. This car made of carbon fiber is not only wheels, but also the chassis and the elements of the exhaust system. Although branded parts, carved from solid aluminum billets, are still in abundance. 

The timing of the release of new models on the market has not yet been announced. It is known only that the “concept” Arch Method 143 will be released in a circulation of 23 copies. Obviously, this time the prices of Arch motorcycles will be calculated already with six-digit numbers. However, as a bonus, prospective customers are offered a personal presentation of new models by the Hollywood star: for this Keanu Reeves specially flew to the Milan exhibition.