Jaguar F-Type SVR: the most powerful serial car brand

Created two years ago, the division of Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations previously engaged only in the development of off-road models, but at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show debut will complete the first Jaguar, decorated with the company badges SVR.
The main highlight is the motor: the five-liter compressor “eight”, forced to 575 hp, the same as last year’s small-scale version of the F-Type Project 7. This is 25 hp. more than the modification of the F-Type R, and the torque increased by 20 Nm – up to 700 Nm. That is, the F-Type SVR is the most powerful serial Jaguar in history, because it is planned to release it in a relatively large circulation: it is at least a few hundred, and perhaps thousands of copies.

Jaguar F-Type SVR will be available only with four-wheel drive and with two bodies: a coupe and a roadster. Compared with the R version, the curb weight is reduced by 25 kg – thanks to the titanium exhaust system and lightweight 20-inch wheels. Another 21 kg can be thrown off by ordering carbon-ceramic brakes, and for the coupé a carbon fiber roof (minus 4 kg) is offered. But even the most “slimy” F-Type SVR is not a feather: the curb weight is at least 1,705 kg, and the roadster – 1,720 kg. 

Both versions are accelerated to “hundreds” in 3.7 seconds – by 0.4 seconds faster than the all-wheel drive “era”. The maximum speed of the coupe is 322 against 300 km / h, and the roadster, of course, is slightly slower: 314 km / h. Special versions promise to be quicker not only on the straight line, but also in the corners – thanks to the splitter in the new front bumper and the wing at the stern.

In Europe, sales of Jaguar F-Type SVR sports cars will begin in the summer. According to our information, such cars can be bought in Russia, but it is only possible to guess about the prices. In England, they start from 110 thousand pounds against 92 thousand for F-Type R AWD. At us such “эрка” costs from 8 million 321 thousand rubles, hence, SVR hardly will estimate less than in 10 million.