Interior in the Latin American style

A Latin American design solution usually involves creating a decor that has ceramic, earthenware and reed products, as well as bold and even somewhat eccentric color solutions. Connections of bright colors are considered a national peculiarity of the peoples of Latin America. This includes various combinations of green and pink, lilac and blue hues. This style of interior, which involves the use of riotous colors, restrained furniture, simple forms, colored and expensive textiles, attracted many designers. A key role in creating such an interior is the choice of furniture. It should be fairly simple and restrained, but at the same time and unusual. Most often furniture for such an interior solution is made from cherry, pine and walnut. All furniture of this type has a simple form, and it is decorated with various patterns and ornaments. For the decoration of furniture used mosaic tiles. The tone of the upholstery should also be different in brightness. It is recommended to use colors such as: yellow, orange, red and blue. In kitchens with such stylistics, there must necessarily be a solid and massive table with oak chairs. In the bedroom it is recommended to put a bed with an original and carved back. On the bed at the same time put a bright and colorful blanket. For the living room you can use wicker furniture. Niches and tall arches are considered essential elements of the Latin American interior. The presence of antique vases with ikebans is also an important feature of this style. The shelves should be filled with glass bottles, statues, pots. To create this style, it is important to try to find statuettes from ceramics in a multi-colored Latin American style. Also, products made with wood carving will be relevant here. The more small parts are provided in the room, the more strongly will the overall concept of decoration be reflected. As for flooring for such an interior solution, it is better to choose a dark color. The floor should look natural and rough. Also on the floor is recommended to put a bright and colorful mat. The same carpet can be hung on the wall. Walls and ceiling should be left in a neutral tone, so that furniture is more visible. Also, for finishing the ceiling, you can use cloth or bamboo. Plastic and glass in the design of the room in this style should not be.
With such an interior solution, there should be a lot of light in the room. The most popular items for lighting are bright sconces, which are installed in the corners of the apartment, floor lamps with lamps, as well as forged chandeliers. In our society, the Latin American style is considered blurred and indistinct. Sometimes it is not easy to calculate its boundaries. To do this, it is important to try to show the special notes of Latin America, which will be fully reflected in the decoration of the room.