In Holland, they sell a batch of cheap electric vehicles Tesla.

In 2014, the taxi company of Amsterdam has replenished its fleet with the Tesla Model S electric hatchbacks, purchasing 167 cars. Electric taxis are popular in the Netherlands in much the same way as in Norway and Sweden, so it was not necessary to stand idle. Now the runs of these Tesl reached impressive sizes, and the company decided to update the park, and the hatchbacks to sell for sale.
Naturally, prices are assigned with depreciation, and all cars are divided into seven categories depending on mileage. The most expensive is the five-door, which traveled from 220 to 230 thousand kilometers: for them asking for 45 thousand euros. Further, the mileage increments by ten thousand kilometers, and the price, respectively, decreases by one thousand euros. Most affordable Tesla with a mileage of more than 280 thousand kilometers: 39 thousand euros. 

All the same it is a lot of? It should be noted that the most affordable new Tesla Model S 75D now in the Netherlands is not less than 86,100 euros. True, this is an all-wheel drive version, and in a taxi cars with one electric motor on the rear axle worked. But each of them has a battery of 85 kWh and a rich set of options: leather interior, rear-view camera, electric fifth door and folding mirrors, a navigator and voice control of the multimedia system. In addition, all former taxis were regularly serviced on the corporate service, worked on good European roads, and most importantly – spent only three years from an eight-year warranty, which is not limited to mileage.
However, although the seller promises a good condition of the cars, for sure the service in the taxi did not pass for them without a trace. However, given that in Moscow Tesla with mileage is at least five million rubles, and the price of new ones is closely matched to ten million, Dutch taxis may not be the worst offer – even taking into account the customs clearance and installation of the ERA-GLONASS unit.