Hyper car Apollo IE: return vivid emotions!

No turbo, no hybrid technology! This is the ideology of the new track sports car company Apollo, which even with its name Intensa Emozione (IE) promises the owner bright emotions.
The former firm Gumpert, acquired last year by the Hong Kong consortium led by Norman Choi, seems to have inherited from the dismissed founder Roland Gumpert only the dream of speed. Roland was a supporter of Audi turbo motors and a space frame made of chrome-molybdenum tubes. The Apollo IE coupe is arranged differently. The atmospheric engine of the Ferrari V12, modified by the specialists of the Italian company Autotecnica Motori, turns to 9000 rpm and produces 780 hp. and 760 Nm. Coupled with it – a sequential six-speed gearbox Hewland. And the chassis, built by the Turin company Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT), is completely carbon-plastic: two sub frames and energy-absorbing boxes are attached to the central monocoque. The weight of the construction is only 105 kg. By the way, this same Italian company was working on the super car chassis SCG 003 and, of course, took advantage of the previous experience. 

The body is also carbon-plastic, with active aerodynamic elements. The creators assure that at a speed of 300 km / h the machine has a clamping force of 1350 kg. And it is distributed in proportion to the weighting of the sports car with a loaded mass of 1250 kg: 45% on the front axle and 55% on the rear axle. And in the turns the car keeps lateral acceleration over 2g. Apollo IE accelerates to “hundreds” in 2.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 335 km / h.
To take advantage of the capabilities of the compartment on the track, a lot of settings are provided. Adjustable suspension, made in a push-rod scheme, allows you to change the ground clearance in the range of 60-110 mm. ABS has ten presets, the traction control system has twelve, but the company’s specialists are ready to adjust all the settings for a specific client. Brakes – with non-alternative carbon-ceramic discs from Brembo. And for fast pit stops, the car is equipped with a quick-release steering wheel and four built-in pneumatic jaws. 

The new Hong Kong owners of the German firm intend to finally set up sales of cars – Roland Gumpert did not manage to do this. A purely track sports car Apollo IE will be released in a series of ten copies at a price of at least 2.3 million euros. And next year the light will see the version of Apollo Arrow, adapted for public roads. However, according to a similar scheme, the above-mentioned SCG 003 vehicle of the 2015 model was to enter the market. However, buyers for him and did not show up.