How to take flax seeds for weight loss

As is known from sources that have come down to us, ground flax seeds have been actively used as a useful additive to food for weight loss and body cleansing even in Babylon, in the III century BC. However, our ancestors always knew and used the healing power of this source of health. For a long time, this knowledge became inaccessible to most people.
And now, when obesity became the scourge of the 21st century, scientists again began to talk actively about the exceptional benefits and beneficial effects of flaxseed on the whole organism. These wonderful seeds can establish the healthy work of our organs and systems. And yet this is an excellent ally in the fight against excess weight.Let’s figure out how to properly use flaxseed, how to brew seeds, when and how to drink them in order to achieve the maximum weight loss effect.

                              Useful properties of flax seed with losing weight   

There are a lot of diets for losing weight. Why flax seeds? Yes, because it is a natural source of essential fatty acids, which protect our cells from the onset of cancer and at the same time strengthen the immune system. And this unique product is rich in amino acids, potassium, vitamin E , gluten and minerals.
The use of flax is obvious, its seed acts as a non-aggressive natural laxative, helps to quickly remove from the body processed products – and this is what you need to lose weight.
In addition, these seeds contain a lot of fiber, which has the ability to enhance the intestinal motility and, like a sponge, absorb the harmful substances.

You will not be hungry and will not want to overeat. All this makes flax seeds extremely useful for losing weight. Also, flax prevents the absorption of fat in the intestinal wall . Seeds of white flax are useful not only for losing weight. Due to the fact that in the outer layer of flax seeds there is a plant analogue of female hormones – phytoestrogen, flax with regular regular consumption facilitates women’s suffering with menopause and prevents oncological diseases.
Flax seems to have been created to take care of women’s health and beauty. After the regular use of the magic seed , 2-3 extra kilograms are guaranteed to go away , the condition of the hair and skin considerably improves. It becomes more elastic and taut, which will undoubtedly be a pleasant additional bonus to losing weight.
The oil of cold pressed flax seed is also used to achieve the effect of losing weight. It normalizes fat metabolism in the body. It is added already in ready meals (salads, fresh).

  •                          How to take flax seeds for weight loss – recommendations 
    Experts advise to grind the seeds and eat them not more than 50 grams per day. You can grind them with a blender, in a coffee grinder, in a mortar, and then add soups, salads, cereals, compotes, sour-milk products and other ready-made meals to soups. Seeds will improve the taste and texture of your favorite dishes. 
    Some just chew seeds. It satisfies hunger and improves metabolism . You can also boil or insist the seeds in a thermos and drink during the day. Seeds can be ground into flour, mixed with wheat, oat or buckwheat flour and used for baking. But if you want to achieve the maximum effect of losing weight, the amount of baking and sugar is better limited or temporarily exclude these foods from the diet.
    Nutritionists are advised to start with a single teaspoon (5 grams) of seeds and gradually increase the dose to 50 grams. It is not recommended to use flax regularly. The best option: 14 days of reception and the same number of days off.