How to drink and brew Goji berries?

A natural pharmacy is rich in various useful medicines. One of these is the goji berries. They contain amazing microelements and vitamins. In berries, there are nineteen amino acids, eight of which the human body can not make up for itself.


One of the most famous areas of application of these wonderful berries is helping in losing weight. The effect of losing weight is achieved due to such properties:

1.Berries have a number of amino acids that contribute to the speedy process of fat splitting;
2.They contain a lot of carotene;
3.Goji slow down the feeling of hunger;
4.Contained useful substances have a beneficial effect on maintaining the energy of the whole organism;
5.Juice from goji is perfectly absorbed by our body;
6.Berries have a positive effect on the body with diseases of the digestive tract and other digestive organs;


The real popularity of goji berries was purchased after 2004. Then many celebrities began to pay more attention to their useful properties. Stars of the world stage, famous writers, musicians and sportsmen “rasprobovali” this amazing product.
What properties did not give goji berries. It was said that this is the most effective product for a good mood. They called goji a conjugal wine, and an acting sedative. All these names have arisen not from scratch, because if you eat berries daily, the body will better cope with stress. This product from the natural pharmacy successfully performs the function of “Viagra”, and the beneficial effect of berries is not only on the body of a man, but also on the female body too.
There are legends that the Chinese were forbidden to consume goji away from home, as they raise the level of testosterone, and accordingly, the sexual desire. And berries have an amazing property to heal male infertility.

Goji berries:

1.Give the body vitality and vivacity;
2.Rejuvenate the body;
3.Lower cholesterol;
4.Normalize the level of sugar;
5.Reduce the likelihood of cancer;


In order to effectively lose weight, it is necessary that the cholesterol in the body is lowered. Thanks to beta-sitosterol, which is found in goji berries, this process is accelerated. This component improves the functioning of the arteries in our body, blocks the oxidation of lipids and causes the cardiovascular system to function at full force. Present in the berries unique polysaccharides improve metabolic processes. Therefore, the food is converted not into fat, but into energy.
The easiest way is to eat berries every day from morning and evening to 20 grams. Goji should be dried correctly. If you combine their diet with a diet, then in a few weeks the result will be visible.
Tea from berries became popular. For this, take a few fruits and brew them like tea. The received drink is recommended to be consumed without sugar. You can add a lemon or honey.
Also, the berries are well combined with any porridges. They complement the nutritional value of cereals and give a pleasant taste.