How technology made us rude and lazy!

E-mail, text messages, voicemail messages are all we got. Technology has created many creative and wonderful ways for us to keep in touch with each other, and make our life easier. With our busy schedule, it’s not always easy to keep in touch with friends and family as we always wanted. The days when we sit and have a good, long conversation seem to be like a memory of the past and a rare thing these days.
But do not worry, because with email and text messages we are necessarily in contact with people, rightly or wrongly! One would assume that the more communication possibilities, the better we are, but studies and surveys have shown that this is not the case. It seems that the more options that we get and the simpler ways of communication make us rougher and lazier.
Everyone considers himself important and expects others to see him in the same way. If we do not receive respectful and thoughtful confirmation from others, we feel pain and frustration, and these days it happens very often. Text messages have replaced the “phone call”, and even then people do not always keep up with text messages, which is very good.
It seems that for a long time we kept in touch, everything was fine, but the fact that we often forget that our lack of manners recognize these messages, the sender feels that he is underestimated, does not confirm, because of this, he can be upset, offended and even worried .
In this world of hard studying and long work, we all came to a mutual understanding that we do not have enough time, so nobody really expected that no one can devote much time to attention. However, people still expect, appreciate and respect, especially those whom they consider friends.
Simply clicking or clicking a button is wrong, it’s really difficult to quickly send an e-mail or text message, does anyone know that our message was received? It only takes a minute and makes everyone happy. Your friend will be happy, you can only guess and assume the worst, how you feel, that you are treating someone and want to be treated like that.
Oh yeah, and do not forget to tell your friends on the phone that you really have time for them. Many people expressed their annoyance and frustration when their friends and families to chat select messages, rather than talk to them.
Text messages you should send only if you have a little time, but it should not replace real communication. While we will enjoy the joys of promoting technology and use them to our advantage, but let’s remember that you can not throw our manners out the window.