Gymnastics for slimming belly and sides at home

Fat deposits, hiding the waist in both the facet and profile – a weighty motive for fitness training , including at home. It would seem that the necessary exercises are obvious: you need to pump the press, then the fat will run away under the onslaught of developing muscles. However, one who with all zeal only pumps straight and oblique abdominal muscles, with surprise notes: the abdominal press, of course, develops – but all under the same fat layer, so that the volumes of the stomach and sides do not decrease, but grow.

     Food and mobility in the struggle for an elegant waist

To remove non-aesthetic folds from the sides and abdomen with the help of gymnastics will be possible only if the fat layer is not formed again due to excess nutrition and sluggish way of life and is intensively spent to provide energy for active movements.
      To do this you need:
1.Reduce the caloric content of the diet so that every day its energy value is less than the body’s own costs. As a result, the body receives the most direct and intelligible signal – it is no longer possible to store fat, it’s time to spend the energy stored in it.
2.Daily eat five to six moderate portions and consume from one and a half to two liters of quality clean water. This organization of nutrition, on the one hand, relieves hunger even with low-calorie food, and on the other – speeds up the metabolism and, accordingly, the utilization of fat.
3.Change the static way of life for regular training loads, which involve not only problem areas, but also all muscle groups. At the same time to fill the energy costs will be split fat cells, and a new slim body, freed from the fat layer, will be formed harmoniously.
To quickly achieve the desired results, home training should be conducted from three times a week. The optimal time for them is from eleven in the morning to two in the afternoon or in the evening, from six to eight. In any case, you do not need to start the exercises before two hours after eating and at least two hours before bedtime.
       Warm up before training at home
Before you start intense muscular stress, you need to stretch and warm up the muscles. Such training will prevent injuries and strains with unusual or abrupt efforts. It will be enough to perform from five to seven exercises from this list:

1.Circular movements 10-20 times in both directions in the shoulder joints . Thus hands remain freely lowered, and the feet are located on the width of the shoulders.

2.Smoothing out the chest , leading to ready the shoulder and chest muscles. Hands with palms facing each other, straightened before the chest, with an inspiration to dissolve, bringing together the scapula. On exhalation return to the initial pose. This sequence of movements is performed 10-20 times.

3.For the muscles of the back and spine. Having placed feet on the width of shoulders and bending slightly, lean your arms out on your hips, bend your knees slightly, and straighten your back. This is the position of the breaths. On exhalations, round the back with the retraction of the abdomen and lower the chin to the breast. Repeated 10-20 times.

4.Providing mobility in the hip joints . Legs are stably placed at the width of the shoulders, the left arm rests on a chair or on the wall, and the right one is located on the waist. The right leg, bent at the knee, is pulled aside and, completing the circular swing, return to its initial position. Repeat with the left foot with support on the right hand. In each direction, perform 10 to 20 times.

5.Turns of the trunk, involving the spine and the muscles of the body , including oblique muscles. The legs are wider than the shoulders, the arms bent at the elbows are folded in front of him. Turns of the case in both directions are repeated from 15 to 20 times.
6.Squats with a rise on the toes lead to the readiness of the muscles and joints of the legs . In this case, the feet should be placed on the width of the shoulders, straight arms should be pulled forward. On the inspiration, crouch with the body tilted forward and the retraction of the hands back. As you exhale, straighten your knees, climb your toes and raise your arms. The complex of movements is repeated from 15 to 20 times.

7.Additionally, the muscles of the legs 10-20 carry body weight from one leg to the other. To do this, placing the feet wider than the shoulders, bend the right leg, transferring the weight of the body to it. In this case, the hands rest on the right thigh. Then follows a similar transition to the left side. In order to comprehensively prepare the musculoskeletal system, such rolls are performed by bending at the waist and touching the floor with the right hand while supporting the left leg and the left one when the body weight is shifted to the right.

Exercises for the waist and sides at home

The most effective home exercises that do not require additional shells and equipment:
1.Exercise ” Mill “. Having placed feet on width of shoulders, to bend forward (the trunk is parallel to a floor). The right elongated arm should be raised upward, the left one, also elongated, should be lowered. Rotate the trunk with a fixed dilated position of the arms, so that the lower arm reaches the toe of the opposite leg. Perform the exercise with gradual acceleration.

2.Curling is straight . Lying on the floor, on the back, legs bend at the right angle. At the same time, the hands are behind the head, the elbows are divorced. Raise the upper back, tearing it off the floor, then return to the starting position.

3.Twisting is the reverse . Lie on the floor, straightened arms to place on the sides of the body. Bend your knees and move your legs to a position where the thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Straining the press, pull your knees to your chest, completely tearing the pelvis off the horizontal support.

4.” Bicycle “. Lying, pressing the waist to the floor and holding hands behind the head, bend your knees at a 45-degree angle. Drag his left elbow to his right knee, straightening his left leg. Then pull the right elbow to the left knee, while straightening the right leg. You can start with 10-12 repetitions.

5.Straight strap . As a matter of fact, this position of an emphasis on the extended hands. In this case, the hands are placed exactly under the shoulder joints, the back is straightened, the straight legs rest on the socks. This bar should be kept from one minute (beginner) to 3 minutes (with sufficient physical preparation).

6.Side lath . Lying on the left side, lean with your left hand on the floor in such a way that the brush was exactly under the shoulder joint. Straighten the torso, lifting it above the floor and keeping the support on the side parts of the feet. Lock this position for at least 15 seconds.

After a month of regular exercise, usually a habit is developed and the first results are visible. Then the load becomes insufficient and, to move forward, more complex and loaded movements will be needed, for example, a straight bar with alternating lifting of the legs, slopes with dumbbells , complex twists, a strap on the elbows.

To relieve tension from muscles, joints and ligaments, training must necessarily be completed by a hitch – stretching and calming movements:

1.Rotate the head in both directions.
2.Horizontally withdrawing the right hand to the left, pull it to the chest with your left hand. Similarly – with a change of hands.
3.Put your hands on your waist, and your feet – at the width of your shoulders, bend down to the right, then to the left.
4.Standing, spreading his feet to the width of his shoulders, bend alternately to his right and left leg.
5.Putting your feet together, lean toward the floor, trying not to bend your knees.