Future is not far away,Sedan Lexus LS + announced restyling and autopilot

The central place on the stand of the brand Lexus in the Tokyo motor show is a hefty concept sedan LS +. But why is it so similar to the current flagship LS model , which was released less than a year ago? It’s simple. According to the idea, by 2020 the serial Lexus LS should survive the planned restyling and acquire an autopilot. The current Tokyo concept car is a harbinger of these changes.
Appearance is revised in line with the current design philosophy of L-finesse. Lexus LS + has sweeping boomerangs of navigation lights, headlamps with a laser-phosphor section and yet another hypertrophied variation of the radiator grille. By the way, to reduce drag, its cells overlap with a clever mechanism that differs from traditional blinds. Rear lights are united by a long transverse strip.

But the main news, of course, is the autopilot. A system called Highway Teammate will be able to take control of itself only when leaving the motorway. Electronics is able to independently move from one track to another, flow into the stream, rebuild between the rows and maintain a distance to other cars. But when leaving the highway, the management will have to be taken over by the driver. In addition, thanks to the Big Data technologies, the autopilot will gradually become better able to recognize the roads, raising the quality of control.
In the near future, the on-board electronics Lexus will be able to independently update via the Internet and acquire new functions on the model of Tesla. By the way, at a simpler level, it works now: the Enform multimedia system on Lexus itself downloads fresh firmware and is updated.