“Eternal bouquet” or how to keep flowers for a long time in a vase

Often I want to save my favorite present. Or you want to give not a traditional bouquet, but something unusual and beautiful, but in the form of flowers, for this we offer you the idea of ​​an “Eternal” bouquet and already in a vase))
To keep flowers for a long time is very simple with the help of glycerin. Let’s consider this issue in more detail. 

The properties of glycerin make it possible to keep the cut flower in fresh form, as a result the flower remains flexible and only slightly changes the shade. It is important to consider that too fresh foliage can not be preserved.
So, to create such a masterpiece as “Eternal Bouquet”, we need:
1. Glycerol
2. Water
3. Any transparent container with a lid, it can be glass or plastic
4. Flowers with thick leaves and stems, otherwise they will not be able to maintain a good appearance.
Now we prepare the flowers: for this we make an oblique cut of the stem, break off the lower leaves, peel off and split the stem approximately 6 cm so that the solution penetrates the flower better. After all, we already put the flowers in a clean jar.
The first part is finished!So we did the first part.
We pass to the solution: the boiling water is mixed with glycerin in a proportion of 3: 1 (one part of glycerin and 3 parts of water). The ready solution must be cooled to the temperature in the room, after which our flowers in the pot can be poured with the resulting mixture. Now the flowers in the bank are mixed, and the lighter single stems will rise to the top. With the help of an auxiliary stick or tweezers, carefully adjust and lay the plants as we like 

Tightly close the lid. The lid can be decorated with ribbons, cloth, dried flowers, in general everything that in your opinion will look beautiful and appropriate.We put on the shelf. After a lapse of 2 weeks, when the flowers are impregnated with glycerin, it is possible that the solution will grow cloudy from pollen, flower juice, etc. In this case, it can be drained, and the flowers can be washed (an unpleasant odor may be released) and poured again with a similar solution. That’s it. After that, the flowers will remain unchanged until you want to make a new eternal bouquet. Such a thing will look fashionable and festive in any interior!