Crossover Nissan IMx became the first-born of the new platform

The hatchback Nissan Leaf has already won the title of the most mass electric vehicle in the world: since 2010 almost 300 thousand cars have been sold. Now Nissan wants to repeat the success in the segment of crossovers. Serial car is not yet ready, but at the Tokyo Motor Show debuted its forerunner – the Nissan IMx concept.
The faceted exterior of the car continues the design idea of ​​the new Leaf , but technically IMx has little in common with it. At the core is a new electric platform, and its development began long before the merger with Mitsubishi, so its engineers in the project did not participate. The trolley is designed for a whole gamut of electric cars – both relatively large models, and machines smaller than the Leaf. All components and components are optimized, but the key innovation, compared to the same Leaf, is only one – the rear independent suspension and the possibility of installing an electric motor on the rear axle for the implementation of the all-wheel drive.

Nissan IMx has two engines with a total output of 435 hp. and 700 Nm, that is, the dynamics should be exciting. Under the floor of the cabin there is a traction battery with an increased charge density, but the capacity is not reported by the developers. It is known only that on one charge the crossover can drive up to 600 km.
Of course, Nissan IMx has an autopilot system: this is the next-generation ProPilot complex with advanced functions. He can not only drive a car on the highway, but also independently search for parking: for example, on such a crossover you can get to the terminal of the airport and calmly proceed to check in – the car itself will go in search of a parking lot, and on return, exactly the same will meet the owner at the door of the terminal .

In unmanned mode, the steering wheel is retracted under the front panel, and the seats can be turned into lodges.
Interior features – a translucent panoramic display, changing from the front panel to the door (these areas are used instead of rear-view mirrors), unusual wood trim, as well as an electronic control system of gestures and even eyes. The computer monitors the position of the pupils and highlights those areas of the display that look at the driver.
It is expected that the serial electropower will appear in a couple of years or even earlier. It is not excluded that it will be called Nissan Terra: recently the Japanese company registered this name in the patent office of Malaysia.