Care of house flowers in the spring

When spring comes, all life awakes and begins to rejoice in the warm sun. This is indicated not only by the nature that is outside the window, but also by domestic plants, which also begin to put themselves in order after winter sleep. To make this process faster, and room flowers could successfully take root and gain the necessary strength, the housewives need to help them.  

There are a huge number of important procedures that can help improve the condition of indoor plants and make them more lush and healthy. Such procedures are simple and for their implementation it does not take much effort and free time. In turn, flowers will be thanked for rendering such help and will literally immediately start to please with excellent flowering and green leaves.
With the advent of spring, the sun warms the earth more strongly, and the sun’s rays become warmer. Many mistresses think that the sun is exactly what the flowers need. But in the spring, the sun’s rays are located at such an angle that they can only damage the plant, adding to it sluggishness and lifelessness. In this regard, it is recommended to put pots of flowers in the middle of the room, not placing them on the windowsills. Even sun-loving indoor plants can not withstand sharp temperature changes, because for young shoots the sun is disastrous.
Taking into account the fact that in the spring the most optimal time for the growth of houseplants is approaching, it is recommended that they be transplanted into large pots. Thus, the rhizome of the plant will feel more comfortable and will be able to fully develop, contributing to flowering and growth of vegetation. In this case, for a rational transplant, plants should be stocked with the necessary soil, which does not contain salts.

Also do not forget that spring time is a suitable period for pruning indoor plants. This procedure is necessary after the active growth of the flower. This stimulates the development of young shoots. If after the end of the winter on the house plant began to stretch weak thin shoots, it is better to cut them. But to cut off the shoots, which pleased the flowering, it is necessary to treat carefully. This is due to the fact that some of them are able to bloom only on the fully matured shoots that were formed in the previous year. Removing them completely can contribute to the fact that the houseplant will not bloom any more. This mainly applies to such luxuriant houseplants as: oleander, hibiscus, many varieties of roses and pelargonium.