Elderberries against cold and bloodstream

The elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) from the family (Sambucaceae) is a shrub or low tree. Its stem bark is gray-brown, cracked. The young branches are green, with remarkable strips, and when its cracked you can see white, soft marrow. The leaves are arranged opposite of each other, in form of feathers, with long pointed, serrated petals.

The flowers are large and wide to 20 cm. The flowers are with very strong smell, small, white to yellow, and the yellow anther clearly visible. The fruit is shiny dark-violet round with red juice. Blooms in June. The elderberry is Euro-Asian herb, spread on bright and warm places.

From the elderberry the flowers and ripe fruit are used. The flowers are cut as soon as they start to open and are dried, in shade. The fruit is picked when it is ripe, it dries quickly in the sun or in dryers.

The elderberry is healing kind. The flower have a complex biochemical composition, enhances the secretion of sweat and urine. It is used in the form of tea mixed along with chamomile flowers, linden, willow bark, against colds, flu, diseases of the upper airways and rheumatism. When it is mixed with plantain leaf, thyme, primrose root and fruit of anise, you receive excellent teas against prolonged cough. Similarly, but considerably milder, effects and the famous juice from elderberry flower. 

If the healing flowers are taken at the onset of inflammation of the throat and tonsils, they contribute to faster recovery, better circulation and they clean the organism. Tea from elderberry flowers can be given to children during chickenpox, to accelerate healing process. The flower acts as a diuretic and removes toxic substances that are collected in arthritis and gout. It is used to treat wounds, cuts and inflammation and is useful in weight loss, because it speeds up metabolism and releases the excess water from the body.

Tea from elderberry is very useful for alleviating various types of cough, it is used against colds and flu, because it increases perspiration. It can be beneficial in the case of chronic sinusitis and nasal catarrh.

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