Easy remove scars from acne

Acne is an unpleasant inflammatory process that covers the face, neck, neckline, upper arms and back and can follow us even in the forties and in some cases even after forties, causing psychological problems and a lack of confidence. Inappropriate treatment of the inflammatory process, especially unprofessional squeezing of the acne, even more worsens the situation and creates visible wounds and scars, which negatively affects the psychological condition and physical appearance. 

The scars can be removed by various methods which aim to reduce the formation of connective tissue and stimulate growth of healthy cells. We need to know that healing of the scars is accelerates with foods rich in vitamin C and E, as well as gentle massage and peelings that removes the layers with dead skin. From natural resources for skin use it is recommended gel of aloe, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and tea tree oil.

The fibrous tissue can be removed by chemical peeling that is made by doctor or some expert. Cosmetic salons and dermatology offices also use the dermabrasion method, which removes the outer layer of skin and is mainly applied in correction of deep scars. One of the latest methods in treating scars is laser method, which has proved to be very successful. Also treatment with hyaluronic acid gives very good results and is considered one of the best treatments.


Aloe is a natural remedy which acts anti-inflammatory and helps in healing of the damaged skin. You can make aloe gel yourself, you need to remove the leaves of the plant from the shell, than squeeze the interior part and apply on the scar, hold it for half an hour and rinse. Aloe gel should never be applied on open wounds.


 Lemon juice helps to remove dead skin cells, and improves its elasticity and regeneration. if the skin is oversensitive, dilute the mixture with oil or water in the ratio 1: 1. Hold it for ten minutes, then wash.


Coconut oil prevents the formation of new scars and helps old scars to fade. It is necessary to heat the mixture until you get a liquid, and then gently with fingers apply on the skin several times during the day.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar stimulates the growth of normal cells. Apply the apple vinegar on the scar diluted with water in 1: 1 ratio, hold it for five minutes and then wash. Its acidic nature makes balance on pH of the skin and prevents the creation of new scars.

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