Having Prostate Problems? This Plant Will Help You

Barberry is periwinkle bush, that it’s branches can be put in ground. The wood of the branches is dark brown and can be peeled. The leafed are with short handles and egg shapes with round tip. The leafed are without fibre. The tip is whole of the leaf. The face of the leaf is dark green ans shiny. The flowers are tiny and small, and they look like grapes on the end of the branches. Flower is like ring bell shape with pink-white in colour. The fruit is round and red. It blossom in May until September, and it grows in rocky places and reefs and on a high mountains above 1200 m. Because it is very used in our place it is almost extinct today.

Barberry is very healthy plant. From the leafed you can make the famous barberry tea (of the time of the blossom of the plant you take young branches, that are dried quick, and then you remove the leafs. The most active ingredients of the leafed are phenol Proterozoic, flavouring and tannin.

Bayberry tea is used in infection and inflammation on kidneys, bladder and urinary track. It is used with mix of herbs from horse tail and leaf of birch, to avoid unpleasant, bitter taste of potion from the leafs.

Barberry in the history was always used for medical purposes. The best results are when you have urinary track and kidneys. It is good to clean bacteria from urinary track.

Bayberry tea is drink 3 times a day. Let it be fresh, and make it that much that you can drink it. You can drink it for 2 weeks, and then make a pause. Tea is drink without sugar, sweetener or honey. Before drinking the tea do not eat any food or potions, because can lead to stimulating of the acids that can minimise the effect of the tea.

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