Tea for Weight Loss

Improper diet, disruption of metabolism diseases are causes of obesity in the population.

Obesity is an aesthetic problem, but also one of the most important factors for the occurrence of heart disease. The most successful way to treat obesity is disciplined individual diet with professional help and advice, diverse recreation.Teas from medicinal herbs may be useful adjunctive therapy.

Preparation of tea.

Sliced 100 grams bark of buckthorn (which was at least 1 year or more that extraction of timber and is heated to 110 degrees Celsius for 1 hour) Confused with a mixture of 10 grams of selenium root, dandelion, liquorice, and rabbit thistle, buckthorn berries, vines and seaweed.

Three tablespoons of this mixture is boiled for 10 minutes in 0.5 liters of water.Cold strain and drink three times after each meal instead of water, unsweetened.In the same way you can prepare and use these herbal blends.

30 grams of yarrow flower and cilantro 20 grams (marine algae) and anise.

25 grams of buckthorn fruit, sea algae, flower white nettle and thistle.

25 grams of fruits senna, buckthorn, cumin and fennel.

40 grams bark of buckthorn and 10 grams of selenium root, dandelion, thistle and rabbit raspberry leaf.

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