Apply This On Your Wound to Prevent Infection

Saint John’s worth is a multiyear plant which blooms from June till August and grows on the fields, pastures and in light oak forests through Europe. In the last years the consumptions of the worth has grown so many farmers start to cultivate the plant in their fields. The plant is called saint John’s worth because it is in a full bloom round 24th June which is the day that traditionally is celebrated the Saint John. On the lands in Europe there are around 19 types of this kind of plant but only one is proven to have healing powers (H. perforatum).

You can recognize it from the other types by the trunk’s two lines that go all the way down ant by the transparent dots on the leaves. Wort have healing powers because contains tannin, etheric oils and other compounds. Usable part is the top of the plant or the flower when it’s blooming and it is recommended to take the top when the flower is not fully opened. In the books of the middle ages this plant is described and recommended like a very healing plant but like many other healing plants got forgotten.

In the last decades the Saint John’s wort again is popular among the people like effective cure in case of tension and depression. Newer studies shows that the ant depressive effects of the wort are coming from xanthones and flavonoids. Wort oil is extract wort flowers it’s prepared in the way that you put the flowers in the olive oil and it is used for external injuries, skin burns and hemorrhoids. Today most of the plants grown on the planet are used for making standardized extract.

Wort oil is rich with hypericin, tannin and flavonoids and you can apply it on a wound and it will act anti-inflammatory, anti-virus. This oil helps with skin burnings, wounds, vaginal infections, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, scars, acne, and muscles inflammation. This plant is a natural medicine that every home must have.

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