How To Keep Your Tonsils Healthy

Tonsils are part of the immune system in the organism and have function to protect against infection by bacteria or viruses. However, when they are inflamed they no longer have a defensive function, and they become hotspot for infections. Inflammation of the tonsils, or angina, usually affects children from six years because their immune protection is not fully formed. 

Inflamed and swollen tonsils are a consequence of entry of bacteria and viruses in the body through the throat. Symptoms of inflammation are usually sore throat, difficult swallowing, bad breath, fever, but these symptoms can also be exempted. Tonsils may be enlarged and red, with pus points.

Acute inflammation

Acute inflammation of the tonsils is usually due to a viral infection, but also can be caused by bacteria. With examination the doctor can determine if the tonsils are enlarged, red, or with white caps. At bacterial infections usually lymph glands in the neck are enlarged. Swabs from the throat and the analysis of blood can explain the origin of the infection. if the inflammation is of viral origin, the doctor usually prescribes rest, vitamins and anti-drugs, and if the inflammation is causes by bacteria, the doctor gives therapy with antibiotics.

When to go to the doctor

Inflammation of the tonsils can become complicated if it is not healed on time, so it is important to go to the doctor, and if the symptoms are (pain, difficult swallowing) and if they last longer than two days, especially if accompanied by fever (higher than 38.5 degrees Celsius).


If angina is not treated on time, it can accumulate pus between the tonsils and the surrounding soft tissues of the back of the palate, which is especially dangerous at children because it hinders the breathing. Also some types of streptococci, which causes inflammation of the tonsils can cause rheumatic fever, and also inflammations which affects the joints, nervous system and heart.

Inflammation of the sinuses, middle ear and bronchi can occur also. Because of this, it is very important that at the first symptoms the patient to consult with doctor, and therapy to be properly implemented until the end, even if the patient feels good after few days of the therapy. With frequent infections (more than four infections in a year), when the tonsils become a source of infection, the doctor suggests surgery


Inflammation of the tonsils can not always be prevented, but few things can help, such as: strengthen the immune system with a healthy diet, supplements and exercise, and avoid public gatherings and smoky unventilated rooms at the time of infection.

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