Chrono diet-Healthy way to lose some weight

Individual weight loss program

In the range of popular diets that people read and change experiences, chrono nutrition is one of the most popular. As mentioned chrono diet is one’s most popular and is based on the rapid removal of excess weight. However, cooking, according to chrono recipes that we received from a friend or work colleague is not a chrono diet, and here is why.

Chrono diet is an individual method in accordance with the health condition, age, and body structure to regulate body weight. With other words, what is good for one person is not good for another. Therefore chrono diet should  prescribed by educated expert on the subject under that program . Chrono diet program includes individual diagnostics and testing intolerance of  groceries, individual protocols and personalized supplementation program of proper food combining. Based on the following parameters:

Glycemic Index:

It shows the speed at which raises blood sugar levels after consumption of a commodity.Basically we should avoid foods with high glycemic effect and to consume a with low glycemic effect.

Acid-base balance.

In chrono diet focus is on increasing of the base and reducing the harmful effects of acidic foods.The term acid and base foods actually refers to the reaction they cause in the body in the process of digestion. For example acidic foods include sugar, sweeteners, white flour, etc..

A base: onion, garlic, mustard, kiwi, apple cider vinegar, etc.

Properly combining foods:

Chrono diet imposes harsh restrictions on the quantity of food. Breakfast is mandatory and recommended protein and carbohydrates. Basically this is the main meal, which should provide energy for the whole day and a only meal where carbohydrate and protein may be combined. Lunch in chrono diet provided protein of animal or vegetable origin (to avoid products from corn plants), which combine with vegetables. Lunch should be less plentiful than breakfast. Fruit is not recommended for breakfast, but only between breakfast and lunch and dinner and in limited quantities. Chrono dinner is similar to lunch, you should avoid carbohydrates and grains and consume protein as fish and chard.

Time for meals:

In chrono diet foods are digested differently. The menu should have three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and limited fruit snacks. The distance between meals should be 4 to 5 hours.


Chrono diet implies restrictions such as avoiding cow’s milk, yogurt, vegetables that contain a lot of starch and other foods that should be completely removed from the food menu. So before embarking on this type of diet is mandatory to consult an expert (doctor) educated for work under that program.

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