Mint – It calms Your nervous and improves digestion

Home mint has no seeds, and if you can find some , it is dry with undeveloped stub. Because it can be multiplying with seeds, it is multiplying by vegetative way with cuttings. Sterility of the plant is effect of the way this plant was made. Home mint is made with artificial selection with breeding of Menta spicata and M. Aquatica. Artificial gardeners have take this hybrid because of his ingredients, foremost his good smell that does not have on his parent plants, and today is breaded all around the world, sometimes can be found in the wild together with his parent types.

Home mint is more year plant with strong and sharp smell with strong isomerism. Stems are standing straight, tall to 30-100 cm, almost always with red colour. Leafed are deployed one across other, with long mounts, egg shape, toothless. Flowers are in shape of corn, or sometimes in shape of a head. Flowers are violet in colour, sterile, and empty that are like this because of their hybrid origin. It blossom from June until July, and it is made in gardens or plantations. Mint is healing plant that can have essential oil, and the leaf is used for making tea.

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