The oldest supplement in the world – Fish oil

From always fish oil was considered very useful because it regulates digestion, it strengthens the bones, burns fats, decreasing flammables in the body and risks from hearth and brain strokes, it speeds up metabolism and strengthens immunity, so it can be said that is one of the oldest supplement in the world, and in the time when groceries were very healthy than today, and the involvement was very little contaminated. The most important ingredient of the fish oil is omega-3 fatty acids, recognised like good fats, so the doctors with reason are recommending use of the fish oil, especially for the people that does not have habit for consuming blue fish for 2 – 3 times per week. It is known that Eskimos that eat fish everyday does not have hearth problems. But, you do not need to be sick to take fish oil, because can be used for prevention of cardiovascular problems and for other symptoms and diseases.

Osteoporosis and ageing

Omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for decreasing of symptoms of osteoporosis, and can help for maintaining the density of bones and it is natural remedy against inflammation, and it gives movements to the joints. People that have pain in the bones and joints needs to use supplements from fish oil in everyday diet, because with that you are stopping the oxidation of the bones and joints. Also fish oil is decreasing the symptoms of ageing and is one of the major factors that is slowing down the genetic clock. Scientist have discovered connection between level of fish oil in the organism and level of decreasing telemeters, more specific ends of the chromosomes that are making our DNA, so that omega-3 fatty acids are affected for slowing down or shorting the telemeters. How much telemeters are short, the more they have impact for expression of the genes and the result is ageing of the cells. For example, when we are born we have telecommuters long for 10,000 base pairs, and in older agglomerates are 500 base pairs long.

Melting fats and muscle mass

Supplements of base of fish oil are recommended for weight loss because in combination with physical exercise they affect of burning down the fats, but to keep muscular mass too. With everyday taking this supplement you can speed up the metabolism and you can make your body to burn down more calories, because it has activated the mechanism for burning fats and the mechanism for their slowing is activated.

Healthy hearth

From research that were done for this supplement is known that omega-3 fatty acids are decreasing the risk for hearth arteries, decreasing triglycerides in the body and are decreasing the growth and speed for making atherosclerotic blood tomb and blood pressure.

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