Glaucoma – early diagnostic keeps the eyesight

When we speak about glaucoma we think about eye sickness, that can be characterised with big eye pressure. This pressure can destroy the eye nerve and all this leads to blindness of the affected eye.

Glaucoma is the most subversive sickness in the medicine, because the affected does not feel anything. Even the doctors sometimes eye doctors are victim of glaucoma and are not aware of it. In early diagnostic, detection and treatment, your doctor can help you to keep your eyesight.

Eye water is in constant movement in the front chamber in the eye. It is made from cilia body, that can be found behind the iris. Eye water is flows between iris and the lens and it is part of the nutrition of the cornea and the lens and then is is eliminated in small sponge tissue called trabecular, that functions like a drain. When draining gets blocked eye water cannot eliminate the speed that flows, so this leads to bigger eye pressure.

Optical nerve is part of the eye and main task is to move visual information to the brain. It is made from bundles of nerve fibres, from millions of microscopic nerve cells. When the pressure in the eye grows, nerve fibbers are compromised and are destructing to total loss of the function. This cell death is resulting to permanent loss of visible function. Early diagnose and treatment of glaucoma can prevent process of destroying cells. You do not need to be informed to know that glaucoma syndrome is increased eye pressure and when you go to the eye doctor ask him to measure your eye pressure. The eye pressure is not only indication for glaucoma. There are many other symptoms that can lead to discovering glaucoma in early stage.

Types of glaucoma 

Primary glaucoma with open angle is type of glaucoma that have 1% of the world population. It is present in people over 50 year and is most common type of glaucoma in the world. There is no symptoms or signs for early discovering of primary glaucoma with open angle. The symptoms do not cause any pain and the patients are not aware for loosing eye sharpness till the last phase of the sickness that comes to loosing eyesight.

Nonsensitive glaucoma is known  like glaucoma with low eye pressure, and is characterised with progressive destruction of the optical nerve and tightening of the visual field with values of pressure that varies from 10-21 mmHg. This type is more diagnosed and can be said that 1/3 of all glaucoma cases have this type of glaucoma. Scientist think that low flow of the blood in the optical nerve is cause for this sickness.

Treatments of glaucoma 

Glaucoma can be treated with drops, tablets and laser intervention, surgery and combination of all this methods. Good news is that glaucoma can be treated if it is diagnosed on time and with help of all this methods can be removed. On time therapies and prescription for therapy from doctor can lead to healthier life.

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