Exercises for a healthy spine

Sitting in school, at work, in front of TV and computer screens, in public transport, even a picnic, cause back pain and problems with spine. We can not escape the modern way of life, but we can think of prevention and to strengthen the muscles that support the “pillar of the body”. Physical activity is a formula for health of our machine for motion. Symptoms can be overcome by swimming, walking, morning stretch, but also if we think of posture, and if we interrupt the long sitting with small breaks.

Health of the spine is in direct relation to the power of back-and abdominal muscles, which carry most of the weight of the upper half of the body. If the muscles of the back and abdomen are weak, and we also are overweight, increased overweight adversely affects the spine and then it starts to hurt. Therefore strengthen these two groups of muscles them with exercise, and that is how you will reduce the risk of pain in you back. For fatigue in the back of long sitting, these six exercises can help you strengthen your muscles:

Exercise 1: Lie on your stomach, and extend your arms over the head, and at the same time lift the upper part of the body with your arms and legs extended.

Exercise 2: This exercise is like exercise 1, but in this exercise you need to hold some small ball in your hands. 

Exercise 3: Lie on your stomach like in exercise 1 & 2, but put your hands on your neck with your fingers interlaced, and at the same time lift your legs and the upper part of the body.

Exercise 4: Same like exercise 3, but put your hands on your back and collect them on the buttocks.

Exercise 5: Lie on your stomach, extend your hands beside the body, with palms on floor, and with slow rate lift the upper part of the body and legs at the same time.

Exercise 6: Lie on your back, and extend your arms and place your palms on the floor. Conjoined your legs and bend them at the knees and bring them to yourself, the upper body to be on the ground and calves and thigh will make an angle of 90 degrees. Stay in this position for a while, then drop your legs on left, and then on right side, following the movement of the body.

Make each exercise for 1 minute, as long as you can, and gradually increase each exercise to do it in 3 minutes. Only 20 minutes of exercise will be of great help to your spine.

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