American crossover Chevrolet Trax with a new “Face”!

The newly opened car dealership in Chicago does not promise to be rich in new items, but it will be here that the updated crossover Chevrolet Trax 2017 model year will cope with the premiere. The car, related to the Opel Mokka and Buick Encore, has been produced in Korea since 2013, but it came to the States only a year later, when production for North America was established at a Mexican plant in San Luis Potosi.
Successes so far modest: last year Trax sold in the States with a circulation of about 63,000 copies – the “older” crossovers Chevrolet Equinox sold at more than four times better. In China, demand is even worse: only 51 thousand cars. Therefore, it is logical that the updated version is the first thing in America.

The volume of metamorphosis is about the same as that of the recently-shown renewed Mocha . Most seriously changed appearance: the car has a completely new front end design, made in one style with fresh models of Chevrolet Malibu, Cruze and Volt. The feed is modernized less: there is another lighting equipment with rectangular sections and a slightly different shape of the bumper. In the cabin – an improved front panel: with modified instruments, ventilation deflectors and a more modern center console. A multimedia system MyLink with a seven-inch touchscreen now has interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
The technique, unlike Mokka, remained the same: the only turbo quadruple Ecotec 1.4 (140 hp) of the previous generation, a six-speed “automatic”, front or all-wheel drive.

In the US, the updated Chevrolet Trax will be available in autumn. Prices are still unknown, but they are unlikely to significantly differ from the current: from 21 thousand dollars per front-wheel drive car and from 22.5 thousand for Trax with four-wheel drive. Obviously, soon the similar restyling will survive the Tracks of Korean and Chinese production. But in Europe
sales of mass models of Chevrolet are stopped, so we will have an updated version only in the form of gray imports from Belarus, where a screwdriver assembly of these crossovers is conducted under the “adapted” to the Russian language market name Chevrolet Tracker.