2018 Sedan Mercedes-AMG E 43 took the place of the “five hundredth” in the range

Sub brand AMG goes to the people: if before these three letters adorned only the most powerful versions of Mercedes, then more recently they are awarded and the cars are simpler. For example, in the C-Class range, in addition to the “charged” version of the C 63, there is now also a less powerful Mercedes-AMG C 43. A similar approach to the formation of the model range in the case of the new E-class. Meet – Mercedes-AMG E 43 4Matic, which took the place of the previous modification of the E 500.

The place of the V8 4.7 turbo motor took a more compact V6 3.0 unit. It is the same engine as the AMG C 43 and AMG SLC 43 models, but the installation of larger turbochargers (1.1 bar excess pressure) allowed to increase the power from 367 to 401 hp, although the previous torque was 520 Nm. However, the G8 on the outgoing model E 500 produced even more – 408 hp. and 600 Nm.
Reducing the thrust is compensated for by a reduced mass: the loss of two cylinders and the wider use of aluminum in the structure allowed to win back 115 kg compared to the previous generation E 500 4Matic sedan (1765 instead of 1880 kg). Therefore, the new model was even more dynamic: acceleration to “hundreds” takes 4.6 instead of 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed is traditionally limited to 250 km / h.
The nine-speed “automatic” 9G-Tronic is standard, but the switching times are reduced, and an honest manual mode is added, in which the box will not switch upwards even after reaching the maximum crankshaft speed. There will be no behind-the-wheel “forty-third”: already “in the base” – 4Matic transmission with permanent all-wheel drive, and the dispenser is now installed not in the “automatic” case, but in a separate case. However, the car will be rear-wheel drive, because in normal conditions, the inter axle differential distributes traction in the proportion of 31:69 in favor of the rear wheels.

Also the basic equipment includes a pneumatic suspension with sports settings and reinforced brakes with fixed brackets (in front – four-piston, rear – single-piston).
The family of the new E-class enters the market gradually. While only the most low-power versions with four-cylinder engines began to go on sale, “civil” versions with V6 engines will be released by the summer, and AMG E 43 4Matic sedans will appear at dealers not earlier than September. And already after the time comes “full” AMG-version E 63, which will acquire a V8 4.0 engine with a power of about 570 hp. from the super car AMG GT.